Nm23 as a Metastasis Inhibitor

  • Rajeev Kaul
  • Masanao Murakami
  • Pankaj Kumar
  • Erle S. Robertson
Part of the Cancer Genetics book series (CANGENETICS)


Nm23 was first cloned from a murine melanoma cell line wherein its expression correlated inversely with metastatic potential (Steeg et al. 1988). While it is abundantly expressed in aggressive neuroblastoma, the NB alleles typically encode the S120G substitution, which is likely to be a hypomorphic variant with reduced function (Chang et al. 1994, 1996). Mutations in other members of Nm23 family proteins, although not complete loss of function, are thought to be hypomorphic as well. Furthermore, in colorectal cancers, the allelic deletions of Nm23-H1 gene have been associated with a more aggressive behavior of cancers in some studies (Campo et al. 1994) and loss of heterozygocity of Nm23-H1 gene contributes to the metastasis potential of hepatocellular carcinoma (Ye et al. 1998). The molecular mechanisms underlying the biological activity of Nm23 are delineated below.


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