Complex Oxide Schottky Junctions

  • Yasuyuki Hikita
  • Harold Y. Hwang


A Schottky junction is not only an important heterostructure for electronic and optical devices, but is also an ideal system for studying fundamental interface physical phenomena such as band-offsets, band bending, and interface states. In this chapter, we focus our attention on the complex oxides with the perovskite structure. This family of materials exhibit unique physical properties including ferroelectricity, magnetism and high temperature superconductivity. We will describe how to incorporate the strong interaction between charge, lattice and spins, absent in conventional semiconductors, in describing oxide Schottky junctions, and present new oxide specific functionalities. After a brief overview of the history of complex oxide Schottky junctions (Sect. 5.1), the basics of Schottky junctions are reviewed (Sect. 5.2). The specific features of oxide Schottky junctions will be introduced focusing on band bending and band alignment mechanisms (Sect. 5.3) followed by examples of novel functionalities achievable in oxide Schottky junctions (Sect. 5.4). This Chapter will close with a summary and a future outlook (Sect. 5.5).


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