Wigner Matrices and Semicircular Law

  • Zhidong Bai
  • Jack W. Silverstein
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A Wigner matrix is a symmetric (or Hermitian in the complex case) random matrix. Wigner matrices play an important role in nuclear physics and mathematical physics. The reader is referred to Mehta [212] for applications of Wigner matrices to these areas. Here we mention that they also have a strong statistical meaning. Consider the limit of a normalizedWishart matrix. Suppose that x1, …, x n are iid samples drawn from a p-dimensional multivariate normal population N(μ, I p ). Then, the sample covariance matrix is defined as
$$ S_n = \frac{1}{{n - 1}}\sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {(x_i - \bar x)} (x_i - \bar x)',$$
where \(\overline{x}=\frac{1}{n}\sum\nolimits_{i=1}^{n}{x_i}.\) When n tends to infinity \( S_n \rightarrow I_p \) and \(\sqrt {n} (S_n - I_p) \rightarrow \sqrt {p} {W_p}\) It can be seen that the entries above the main diagonal of \(\sqrt {p} {W_p}\) are iid N(0, 1) and the entries on the diagonal are iid N(0, 2). This matrix is called the (standard) Gaussian matrix or Wigner matrix.


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