Lunar Day Nine

  • Tammy Plotner
Part of the Astronomer’s Pocket Field Guide book series (ASTROPOC)


We start tonight’s Moon walk with landmark crater Plato - considered by some observers as the darkest single low-albedo feature on the Moon (Fig. 10.1). Because of its low reflectivity, this crater has the distinction of being one of the only mountain-walled plains that do not “disappear” as the Moon grows full. With Plato in the center of the field note the pyramid-like peak of 2,400 m high Mons Pico due south in northeastern Mare Imbrium. East of Pico is an unnamed dorsum - or lava wave - terminating just above crater Piazzi Smyth to the south. Power up in a telescope and check out the triangular peak near its end.


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