Digital Representation of Materials Grain Structure

  • Michael A. Groeber


Recent initiatives to accelerate the insertion of materials and link the materials design and systems design processes have called for the advancement of microstructure–property relationships. To achieve these goals, the development of digital microstructure models in conjunction with computational methods for simulating material response is a necessity. There have been significant advancements in the collection and representation of microstructure, which coupled with computational power increases, has yielded microstructure models with increasing complexity and accuracy. It is the emphasis of this chapter to discuss the state-of-the-art methods and current limitations in the field of microstructure representation. Specific focus will be paid to the areas of: experimental data collection, feature identification, mesh generation, quantitative characterization, and synthetic structure generation. In presenting the status of the field, the key links to other fields that must be developed will also be addressed wherever possible.


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The author would like to acknowledge his collaborators, all of whom contributed through detailed discussions and in many cases developed some of the tools and techniques presented in this chapter. All of the sections in this chapter were heavily influenced by them and in some instances their own words and terminology were used. The works of Profs. Somnath Ghosh, Tony Rollett, and Marc DeGraef; as well as Drs. David Rowenhorst, Dennis Dimiduk, Mike Uchic, Sukbin Lee, Jeremiah MacSleyne, and Mrs. Yash Bhandari and Steve Sintay and many others have greatly advanced this field and inspired this author.


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