Future Directions in Research on the Epigenetics of Aging

  • Charles W. Caldwell
  • Huidong Shi


Epigenetics of aging is a new research direction that brings exciting and in-depth revelations in the near future. As reviewed in chapters throughout this book, aging is likely to be influenced by many complex interacting epigenetic factors. These include DNA methylation, histone modifications, chromatin remodeling, and noncoding RNAs. With the help of new technologies, particularly the knowledge derived from the genome-wide epigenomic studies, the upcoming years will be an exciting time to make breakthroughs in research on epigenetics of aging. Here we focus on several new directions in epigenetic research overall and their potential influence on aging research and the potential of anti-aging intervention using personalized, epigenetic-targeted pharmacologic agents.


Epigenome Aging Epigenetic-targeted therapy 


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