Epigenetics and the Aging Process

  • Trygve O. Tollefsbol


Although there has been considerable interest in the aging process for quite some time and in epigenetics for over two decades, it is relatively recent that we have witnessed a surge in interest in aging epigenetics. Epigenetic processes are vast and influence many genes and other processes related to aging that impact the physiological decline that characterizes the aging process. This ranges from changes in DNA methylation and histone modifications that control genes such as the telomerase regulatory gene, hTERT, to modes of modulating environmental factors that affect epigenetic processes and aging. The potential for advances in aging epigenetics seems limitless and the purpose of this book is to convey the cutting-edge research that is rapidly driving the field of aging epigenetics to the forefront of medical science.


Epigenetic Aging DNA methylation Histone modification 


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