Aligning the MSDR Measurement System with Strategy

  • Lawrence P. Carr
  • Alfred J. NanniJr

The best strategy in the world will go no place unless the organization agrees to focus on the objectives. Creating that critical buy-in until now has been the job of “communication,” training, and often brute force. But there’s a better way. This section illustrates how to use the MSDR scorecard as a strategic organizational alignment tool. This provides the critical linkage between the firm strategy and the measures of the key success factors necessary for implementing the strategy.

There is a hierarchy of alignment around goals and means. On the largest scale, alignment is achieved when all parts and functions of an organization’s value chain work toward the same purpose. On the human level, it means that all members of the organization can identify their personal values and objectives with those of the firm.

Strong alignment gives people a clear and shared sense of purpose. Inspiration and energy run high, and both individual and team effectiveness increase. This is (or was) the...


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