Internal Strategy: Governance Structure

  • Lawrence P. Carr
  • Alfred J. NanniJr

We are told solid foundations are necessary for strong structures. Configuring the ownership and governance, the platform of a firm, is critical for creating a well-built MSDR system. The home foundation contains the critical sources of water and power so necessary for a well-functioning house. The governance structure establishes the pathways and control of an organization. It directly affects how the organization functions and how the agents manage the firm. Just as architects must consider the building configuration when designing the operating systems, MSDR designers must consider the nature of the business, the structure of ownership, and the strategic intent. In this chapter, we explore the governance structure, and in the next chapter we look into the organizational structure.1

Governance Structure

The organization’s structure has everything to do with the execution—and ultimate success—of strategy. Starting with the stockholders, it is extremely important that they are in...


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