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Understanding the context of a situation is worth 20 IQ points. This chapter details the kind of contextual considerations that enter into the design of an MSDR. Some are external forces where the MSDR must be able to cope. Others are more controllable: internal factors that can be managed to increase the effectiveness of strategy execution. We examine both types as well as some processes for analyzing and identifying these factors.

Using an MSDR is akin to piloting a sailing ship. The captain must be aware of critical external influences—the prevailing wind, the current, and the expected weather—and how they affect the course to the desired destination. Similarly, a manager has to be aware of the external business environment and its prevailing economic conditions, supply chain relationships, and competitive challenges. A ship’s captain must direct the crew, but this, in turn, is influenced by the design of the ship, its size, and its sails and rigging. So too, a manager’s task is...


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