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Nothing succeeds like dumb luck. Unmerited and unanticipated, fortunate events can sometimes elevate a company’s prosperity almost immeasurably. Take the case of Microsoft Corporation. Today, one of the world’s largest corporations, the Redmond giant owes its dominance to just such an initial stroke of fantastic luck. Yet luck had little to do with its eventual rise.

The story is the stuff of legend: Roughly a quarter-century ago, the world’s dominant computer company, International Business Machines, established a project “skunk works” in Boca Raton, FL, far from its bureaucratic Armonk, NY, corporate headquarters. The goal for this “independent business unit” was both radical and urgent. Instead of making huge computers for centralized data processing, it would quickly design an easy-to-use microcomputer that could run on a desktop—a personal computer that would become the IBM PC. For speed, the business unit broke from IBM’s policy of using proprietary components and software....


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