Management as a System: Executing Strategy Through the MSDR

  • Lawrence P. Carr
  • Alfred J. NanniJr

For much of this book, we have been peeling back layers of the MSDR and examining its components. We started by giving you a sort of “parts inventory,” enumerating different kinds of mechanisms for directing attention and providing feedback. From there, we proceeded to a discussion of strategy. We cited some well-known management models and placed them within three broad tactics for MSDR design. Since then, we have examined a series of MSDR parts related to those design principles—organizational culture, organizational design, balanced and aligned performance measures, and rewards and incentives. Now we need to put all those parts together and show you how a complete MSDR supports the execution of the company strategy.

The time has come to return to the initial premise of this book. Management Systems that Deliver Results need to be viewed from a holistic, systems perspective. The parts of the MSDR must fit the strategy and must work together harmoniously to support the execution of...


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