CR submanifolds of maximal CR dimension

  • Mirjana Djorić
  • Masafumi Okumura
Part of the Developments in Mathematics book series (DEVM, volume 19)


In this section we continue our study of CR submanifolds of complex manifolds in the special case when the CR dimension is maximal. Having in mind Proposition 7.8 let us suppose that the ambient space is a complex manifold \(\,(\overline M^{\frac{n+p}{2}},J)\,\) equipped with a Hermitian metric \(\,\overline g\). If M is an n-dimensional CR submanifold of maximal CR dimension of \(\,\overline M^{\frac{n+p}{2}}\,\), then at each point x of M, the real dimension of \(JT_x(M) \cap T_x(M)\) is \(n-1\).


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