Codimension reduction of a submanifold

  • Mirjana Djorić
  • Masafumi Okumura
Part of the Developments in Mathematics book series (DEVM, volume 19)


Let us first recall the theory of curves in 3-dimensional Euclidean space E 3. The curve C, whose torsion vanishes identically, is a plane curve. In other words, for the curve C without torsion, there exists a 2-dimensional totally geodesic subspace E 2 such that \(C\subset {\bf E}^2\subset {\bf E}^3\). In general, a curve C is a submanifold of codimension 2 of E 3, but if its torsion is zero, it can be regarded as a submanifold of codimension 1 in E 2, that is, the codimension is reduced from 2 to 1.


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