Law and Job Accommodation in Mental Health Disability

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Approximately 20% of the population – more than 40 million people in the U.S. – live with psychiatric disorders (United States Department of Health and Human Services 1999; National Institute of Mental Health 2003), and face significant barriers to employment, including discrimination, harassment, job loss, and unemployment (President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health 2003 ).Among people with severe ­psychiatric illness, the unemployment rate approaches 90% (New Freedom Commission on Mental Health 2003 ). Individuals with less severe disabilities – while more likely to be employed than severely disabled persons – still experience a 26% unemployment rate, and are far less likely than persons without disabilities to have a job (National Organization of Disability 2001 ; New Freedom Commission on Mental Health 2003 ). At the same time, the vast majority of persons with disabilities want to work (Stodard et al. 1998 ).In the United States, the loss of productivity that can be attributed to the lack of integration of persons with mental health disabilities into the workplace is $63 billion per year (New Freedom Commission on Mental Health 2003 ).


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