Pet Foods

  • J. Peter Clark
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Pet foods have often seen the initial use of technologies that later found application in human food, such as meat analogs, intermediate moisture foods, extrusion, and the use of novel ingredients. Pet foods are often the only source of nutrition for animals and so they require a thorough understanding of nutritive requirements and precise delivery of each dietary component. Pet food processing has evolved from an animal feed mill approach to a human food approach, in part because it has been realized that deliberately or inadvertently, pet foods are consumed by humans.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

Companion animals and zoo animals depend almost exclusively on the feed they are given by humans. This means that pet foods are tailored to the nutritional requirements of the species for which they are intended. Cats and other felines are carnivores (meat eaters), so their foods are based on animal protein, while dogs are omnivores (meat and vegetable eaters), so their foods can be...


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