Non-thermal Processing

  • J. Peter Clark
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Non-thermal processing refers to relatively young technologies that use mechanisms other than conventional heating to reduce or eliminate microorganisms that might be harmful or cause spoilage. There is a large, active division of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) devoted to the topic and the various processes have been the subject of much research and publication. This chapter will briefly summarize some of the technologies and discuss various applications (if any) and what some of the practical and theoretical issues are. Some of this material appeared in a different form in the Processing column of Food Technology beginning in 2002.

Thermal processing is still the major technique for shelf-stable food preservation, but other technologies are finding applications. There is a general movement in food processing away from high-heat treatment and deep-freezing toward milder treatments, resulting in refrigerated foods with less cooked flavors. There always is the need to kill...


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