Sausages and Other Meat Products

  • J. Peter Clark
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There are many varieties of sausages made from beef, pork, poultry, and game. To understand this category of value-added meat processing, it is useful to consider meat processing in general. The meat industry is one of the largest segments of the food industry and also one of the most labor intensive and dangerous. While many animals are domesticated and used as food, the major focus in the United States is on beef, pork, and chickens. Sheep and goats are important in many cultures, and other animals are used elsewhere, including horses, dogs, snakes, and wild game.

Meat is often sold fresh, preserved by refrigeration; frozen; or further processed and preserved by several principles that may be applied, including cooking, reduced water activity, and chemical preservation. Meat products have been implicated in many recalls and outbreaks of foodborne disease, so sanitary design and operation of meat plants are especially challenging.

Basics of Meat Processing

Animals intended for human...


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