A Primer on Imaging Anatomy and Physiology

  • Denise Aberle
  • Suzie El-saden
  • Pablo Abbona
  • Ana Gomez
  • Kambiz Motamedi
  • Nagesh Ragavendra
  • Lawrence Bassett
  • Leanne Seeger
  • Matthew Brown
  • Kathleen Brown
  • Alex A. T. Bui
  • Hooshang Kangarloo


An understanding of medical imaging informatics begins with knowledge of medical imaging and its application toward diagnostic and therapeutic clinical assessment. This chapter is divided into two sections: a review of current imaging modalities; and a primer on imaging anatomy and physiology. In the first half, we introduce the major imaging modalities that are in use today: projectional imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and ultrasound. The core physics concepts behind each modality; the parameters and algorithms driving image formation; and variants and newer advances in each of these areas are briefly covered to familiarize the reader with the capabilities of each technique. From this foundation, in the second half of the chapter we describe several anatomical and physiologic systems from the perspective of imaging. Three areas are covered in detail: 1) the respiratory system; 2) the brain; and 3) breast imaging. Additional coverage of musculoskeletal, cardiac, urinary, and upper gastrointestinal systems is included. Each anatomical section begins with a general description of the anatomy and physiology, discusses the use of different imaging modalities, and concludes with a description of common medical problems/conditions and their appearance on imaging. From this chapter, the utility of imaging and its complexities becomes apparent and will serve to ground discussion in future chapters.


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