Technological and Regional Cooperation Strategies: Securing the City and Port of Oakland, California

  • Ronald V. Dellums
  • Yolanda Burrell
  • Michael O’Brien


The City of Oakland, CA, with the nation’s the fifth busiest maritime shipping port, has persevered through several major disasters in recent years. The region’s geography and its designation as a high value terrorist target present an unquestionable public safety challenge. This chapter discusses the characteristic strategies the city and Port employ to protect its people and resources against potential threats and hazards in an environment of limited multi-jurisdictional resources. Through the collaboration of a broad coalition of stakeholders, active information sharing, and the use of various enabling technologies, the city and the Port are able to prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from potential risks both natural and manmade.


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  • Ronald V. Dellums
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  • Yolanda Burrell
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  • Michael O’Brien
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  2. 2.Technical Communications SpecialistOaklandUSA
  3. 3.Port Facilities Security Officer, Port of OaklandOaklandUSA

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