Image-Guided Percutaneous Spine Biopsy

  • A. Orlando Ortiz
  • Gregg H. Zoarski
  • Allan L. Brook


Prior to the development of image-guided percutaneous spine biopsy techniques, an open biopsy procedure was required for definitive diagnosis. The advantage of the open biopsy procedure is twofold. First, under direct visualization, multiple and larger tissue samples can be obtained and made available for frozen histopathological analysis. Second, the open biopsy can be performed as part of a surgical decompression and/or stabilization procedure of the spine. The first report of percutaneous spine biopsy was in 1935 by Robertson and Ball.1 Their procedures, however, did not utilize imaging guidance. Siffert and Arkin utilized a posterolateral approach for spine biopsy using radiographic guidance.2 Fluoroscopy-guided spine biopsy was subsequently reported in 1969, and CT-guided spine biopsy was reported in 1981.3,4


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