Abnormal Event Detection

Part of the Multimedia Systems and Applications book series (MMSA, volume 34)


This chapter presents a system that detects abnormal events extracted from videos in a crowded environment. At this stage, our intention is to stick to simple methods so as to enhance the real-time requirements of the processing. The efforts made and results achieved will lay the groundwork and serve as a benchmark for future work. The selected approach consists of extracting some portions of videos coinciding with sudden changes and abnormal motion variations in the points of interest. It performs calculations on information such as the density, direction and velocity of motion, and classifies the content as normal or abnormal. This approach will help to index abnormal events and will offer users the opportunity of making queries about content. Our approach has been tested on various videos in real-world conditions, namely incidents in airport escalator exits.


Motion Vector Video Stream Current Frame Video Surveillance Direction Difference 


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