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Reputation management involves several components, including modeling, data collection, data storage, communication, assessment, and reputation safeguards. Over the years, several research initiatives have worked on these problems. These efforts have not been limited to a single field. Varied disciplines including economics, computer science, marketing, politics, sociology, and psychology have studied reputation in several contexts [34]. In the recent past, these research activities have gained momentum. In computer science, reputation has been studied both in theoretical areas and practical applications. Theoretical areas where reputation has been studied include game theory, bayesian networks [140], and social networks [23]. Theoretical literature that addressed reputation focused on proving properties of systems based on reputation. For example, results from game theory demonstrate that there are inherent limitations to the effectiveness of reputation systems when participants are allowed to start over with new names [112]. In [58], the authors study the dynamics of reputation, i.e., growth, decay, oscillation, and equilibria. Practical literature on reputation is mainly concerned with the applications of reputations. Major applications where reputation has been effectively used include e-business, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, grid computing systems [8], multi-agent systems [116],Web search engines, and ad-hoc network routing [20, 76]. Work on some of these applications is discussed in this chapter.


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