Reputation Information Creation

  • Zaki Malik
  • Athman Bouguettaya


The reputation information is generated after the completion of a transaction between two entities. As mentioned in previous chapters, the entity that provides a specific functionality in the transaction is termed as a service provider and the entity requesting that functionality is known as a service consumer in a service oriented environment. Thus, reputation information is created when a consumer rates the services provided by the service provider according to some pre-defined scale. In this chapter, we provide the details about the various facets of reputation information creation on the service Web and the challenges there in.

One of the objectives of our research is to design a new approach for reputation management that avoids the drawbacks of third-party reputation systems based on a centralized reputation manager and provides a reliable assessment of a service’s behavior. In our daily lives, we evaluate the behavior of a subject over several attributes and assess the corresponding reputation according to the perceived quality of each attribute. It is the aggregate of all these quality values that determines the reputation of the subject. Similarly, in our proposed approach we view the reputation of a Web service as a reflection of its quality (QoWS).


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