Sustainable Communities: The Piedmont Region, Settimo Torinese, Italy

  • Teresio Asola
  • Alex Riolfo


This chapter highlights the projects and achievements dealing with renewable energy and agile energy systems for sustainable communities in Italy.

Both the Piedmontese and Settimo Torinese projects, and other parallel projects in Milan, are regarded as sustainable communities because of their balance between energy consumption and the environment. Additionally, these projects were not only created out of mere respect for the environment, but to create economic value as well.

This Chapter

•Presents new energy paradigms in Northern Italy:

a.   Parallel experiences underway: Milano CityLife, Sesto San Giovanni (Falck), Settimo Torinese (Green Tech Park, Laguna Verde)

b.   Settimo Torinese: the R&D archipelago Green Tech Park, a new territory for the experimentation on energy innovation in Piedmont, northern Italy

c.   The use of sustainable, renewable resources and the implementation of new technologies and sustainable practices in Settimo Torinese as a sustainable town

•Introduces “Laguna Verde”: a new eco-town of the future in Settimo Torinese, from dream to reality

d.   Global sustainability, resources and technologies in Laguna Verde, Settimo Torinese

e.   Environment/energy balance in Laguna Verde


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