Manipulating TNF Receptors to Enhance Tumor Immunity for the Treatment of Cancer

  • Carl E. Ruby
  • Andrew D. Weinberg


Members of the TNF receptor superfamily, CD27, CD134, CD137, and GITR, play a major role in the optimal activation of CD4 and CD8 T cells. Signals mediated by these receptors help to define the duration and scope of T cell responses by enhancing the function and survival of recently differentiated effector T cells. In addition to effects on differentiating T cells, recent data also suggest that CD134, CD137, and GITR influence regulatory T cell generation and suppressive activity. The potent immune-modulatory effects of these receptors translate into effective antitumor immunity and successful tumor regression in a number of diffe-rent preclinical tumor models. On the basis of the effective antitumor responses generated in preclinical models, a number of TNF receptor-based clinical immunotherapeutic interventions have been developed for the treatment of cancer. This chapter will focus on the emergence of clinical approaches for effective tumor immunotherapy by describing the effects of CD27, CD134, CD137, and GITR on T cell-mediated immune responses and preclinical tumor studies.


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