Targeting Toll-Like Receptor for the Induction of Immune and Antitumor Responses

  • Joseph Lustgarten
  • Dominique Hoelzinger
  • Maria Adelaida Duque
  • Shannon Smith
  • Noweeda Mirza


A very unique and important feature of TLR (toll-like receptor) agonists is their ability to modulate TLR on the cells of the innate immune system resulting in changes that will induce effective and efficient adaptive immune responses. Therefore, stimulation of TLR pathways through their respective ligands presents a potentially attractive approach to activate adaptive anticancer immune responses. In this chapter, we summarize the effect of targeting some of the TLR for the induction of antitumor responses. Although the use of TLR agonists as future vaccine adjuvants seems very promising, we also need to proceed with caution and long term studies will be critical in assessing the propensity of chronic therapy to trigger autoimmune conditions or promote tumor growth.


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  • Joseph Lustgarten
    • 1
  • Dominique Hoelzinger
  • Maria Adelaida Duque
  • Shannon Smith
  • Noweeda Mirza
  1. 1.Cancer Center ScottsdaleMayo Clinic Arizona13400 East Shea Boulevard ScottsdaleUSA

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