Conduction and Electromigration


The requirements of high-speed sub-100 nm devices are higher conductive interconnecting lines for local and global interconnections and lower associated capacitive reactance of the interconnecting lines. The conductivity of copper (σCu = 0.598 ohm-cm and σ Al = 0.374 ohm-cm) is higher and it offers higher resistance to electromigration (EM) compared to aluminum (or Al-alloy). At the same time, copper has the advantage of making finer wires with lower resistive loss which will subsequently reduce RC delay and increase the speed of the device (Fig. 7.1). Therefore, recently copper has become the primary choice for local and global interconnecting lines for modern integrated circuits (ICs) [1].


Barrier Layer Grain Boundary Twin Boundary Joule Heating Atomic Layer Deposition 


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