Intrinsic Connections of the Auditory Cortex

  • Mark N. Wallace
  • Jufang He


The patterns of connectivity between cortical neurons define and constrain the basic functional organization of the neocortex. Understanding the local and long distance connections is a prerequisite for developing an integrative description of cortical structure and function. The circuits to which such cells contribute likely control perception and action.


Pyramidal Cell Auditory Cortex Layer Versus Inhibitory Interneuron Apical Dendrite 
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auditory cortex


primary auditory cortex


second auditory cortical area


brain-derived neurotrophic factor


bipolar cell


bitufted cell




cannabinoid receptor Type 1


chandelier cell


double bouquet cell


extraverted multipolar cell


fibroblast growth factor




γ-aminobutyric acid


horizontal bitufted cell


horizontal cell


intrinsic bursting


large basket cell


large multipolar cell




low-threshold spiking


Martinotti cell


medium basket cell


medial geniculate body


medium multipolar cell


nest basket cells




neurogliaform cell




neuron with axonal arcade


pyramidal cell




regular spiking


small basket cell


small multipolar cell




superior temporal gyrus



We thank Alan Palmer for helpful comments.


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