An Introduction to Vibrations of Lumped-Parameters Systems

  • Nader Jalili


This chapter provides a brief overview of vibrations of lumped-parameter systems, also referred to as discrete systems. A generalized treatment of these systems using modal matrix representation is presented first, followed by decoupling strategies for the governing equations of motion. Although brief, the outcomes of this chapter are used in the subsequent chapters when the equations of motion governing the vibrations of continuous systems or vibration-control systems reduce to their respective discrete representations. We leave the more detailed discussions and treatment of these systems to standard vibration books cited in this chapter (Tse et al. 1978; Thomson and Dahleh 1998; Rao 1995; Inman 2007; Meirovitch 1986; Balachandran and Magrab 2009).


Eigenvalue Problem Mode Shape Frequency Response Function Stiffness Matrice Vibration Absorber 
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