Piezoelectric-Based Nanomechanical Cantilever Sensors

  • Nader Jalili


This chapter provides a relatively general overview of piezoelectric-based nano- mechanical cantilever sensors (NMCS) with their applications in many cantilever-based imaging and manipulation systems such as atomic force microscopy (AFM) and its varieties. Some new concepts in modeling these systems are also introduced along with highlighting the issues related to nonlinear effects at such small scale, the Poisson’s effect, and piezoelectric materials nonlinearity. More specifically, both linear and nonlinear models of piezoelectric NMCS are presented with their applications in biological and ultrasmall mass sensing and detection.

It might be worth noting that a comprehensive modeling and treatment of these systems including both linear and nonlinear vibration analyses, system identification, as well as practical applications in ultrasmall mass sensing, laser-free imaging, and nanoscale manipulation and positioning, will appear in a new book by the author (Jalili in press). In order to avoid potential overlaps while also keeping this chapter focused, only a small part of the aforementioned book is presented here with a major emphasis on piezoelectric-based nanomechanical cantilever sensors.


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