What Makes a Biotech Entrepreneur?

  • Craig D. Shimasaki


Biotechnology products arise from successful biotech companies. These companies are built by talented individuals in possession of a scientific breakthrough that is translated into a product or service idea, which is ultimately brought into commercialization. At the heart of this effort is the biotech entrepreneur, who forms the company with a vision they believe will benefit the lives and health of countless individuals. Entrepreneurs start biotechnology companies for various reasons, but creating revolutionary products and tools that impact the lives of potentially millions of people is one of the fundamental reasons why all entrepreneurs start biotechnology companies. Certainly, biotech entrepreneurs hope to make truckloads of money by building successful companies with billions in revenue. But most biotech entrepreneurs have an altruistic streak fueling their persistence, that keeps them going through the hardships and challenges that would stop cold those just looking to make a quick buck.

As the biotech entrepreneur and the start-up team begin a journey down what may be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of their entire career, they live out an opportunity to impact the world by developing medical products that combat some of the most challenging and deadly diseases that plague humanity. The sentiment heard universally from experienced biotech entrepreneurs is, that starting a biotechnology company is exciting, stimulating, and frightening – all at the same time. This chapter reviews the background of the biotech entrepreneur, as well as some of the most important personal characteristics of these individuals. Whether they live in Boston or Beijing, San Francisco or Singapore, Dublin or Denver – the characteristics of biotech entrepreneurs are all the same.


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