Gastric Cancer

  • Yi Zhong


Stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide with an estimated mortality rate ranked as third among most common cancers in men and fifth among most common cancers in women. China has one of the highest incidences of stomach cancer compared to North America, Western Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. Regional distribution of stomach cancer incidence also exists within China, with a high incidence noted in provinces such as the Liaodong peninsula, Shandong peninsula, Yangtze River Delta, and middle-western provinces. Several factors have been identified to contribute to stomach cancer development, including, lifestyle habits, exposure to carcinogens such as nitrosomines, and infection with Pylori bacteria. Current therapeutic approaches for advanced stomach cancer have very limited efficacy, making the prognosis severe for advanced stages. TCM oncology practice has been used as a complementary therapeutic approach for stomach cancer. This aspect is discussed in this chapter based on clinical experience from established Chinese Oncology Centres.


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