In this chapter, you’ll learn about the basics of BlackBerry application development by creating a simple Hello World application in both the BlackBerry JDE and the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse. The code will be the same for both—in fact, throughout the rest of this book, we’ll focus on the code and not the development environment—but the details about creating the project, adding classes and resource files, and running and debugging are different. Our application is a simple BlackBerry application with a single screen that will display “Hello World”. We’ll walk through creating the workspace and project, creating and building out the necessary classes, and compiling and running on a simulator. Then, we’ll add a few extra bits of polish, like a proper application name, version information, and an icon. Finally, you’ll see how to build, sign, and run the application on an actual device.


Project Property Mobile Data Service World Figure Main Screen Home Screen 
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