Selecting and Managing Colors with Toucan

  • Mike Peutz


From unifying colors in web pages to setting images up for print, color is an important aspect of design. Color is an often-overlooked aspect of image creation, but the proper use of colors can make an average image into a masterpiece. Color schemes can evoke different emotions and reactions. A splatter of red on an image can conjure thoughts of anger or rage, whereas the same splatter colored light blue can create a soothing peaceful feeling. Color is the first feature in an image that you notice, and then you notice the subject and details. You can easily pick out images that have captivating colors; you get an immediate reaction to them. This demonstrates the importance of well chosen and implemented colors. However, attention to color is usually neglected in images for various reasons. How can you tell how different colors interact with each other? How do you keep track of the colors used in an image? After you compile a set of colors, how do you use them in other applications? These are all easy with Aviary’s color palette creator, Toucan. In this chapter, you learn how to use Toucan to construct color palettes that can be used in other Aviary tools. You see how to organize color schemes, explore harmonies, and create unify schemes to be used throughout images and applications.


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