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Welcome to Chapter 1, the beginning of a comprehensive and “professional” C# programming course for the Unity engine. The core objective of this book is to thoroughly explore the development of a first-person shooter (FPS) game from start to finish. Further, it aims to do so in a way that’ll have strong practical relevance for you and your own projects. This book is intended to be read as a complete course; meaning you should read it on a chapter-by-chapter basis, in sequence from beginning to end, thinking of each chapter as an independent class or lesson. If you follow this book carefully in order, sitting at the computer and working along with me in Unity, then by the end, you should have completed a playable FPS game that runs on desktop platforms and has mobile potential. But much more than this: you’ll have seen and explored many C# coding techniques that have wider relevance and importance than only to the specific game created here. As we progress, considering techniques and ideas, it’s important to see them in their broader context, as tools you can use in your own ways and for your own games. Don’t just think of them as ideas limited to this book and this project— because they’re not.


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