CPU Performance Analysis

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This chapter concludes the book’s exploration of the system, with a discussion about CPU, network, and general SQL Server metrics. The CPU is the work engine of a system and keeps everything running. All the different calculations required for gathering and delivering data, maintaining the system, and ordering access are performed by the CPU. Getting bottlenecked on the CPU can be a difficult process to work out of. Unlike memory, which you can sometimes easily install more of, or disks, which you can sometimes easily add more or upgrade, CPUs are an integral part of the system you’re running on and can frequently be upgraded only by buying newer machines. So, you’ll want to keep an eye on CPU usage. Networks are seldom a major bottleneck for SQL Server, but it’s good to keep an eye on them too. Finally, there are some SQL Server internal processes that you’ll need to gather metrics on. This chapter covers the following topics:


Processor Time Execution Plan Network Adapter Extended Event Performance Counter 
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