Tuning Recovery

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Every single system is prone to failure, be it natural, mechanical, or electronic; this could be the human system, automobiles, computer hardware, elevators, application servers, applications, database servers, databases, and network connectivity. Based on the critical nature of the item and its everyday use, these types of failures need an alternative way to provide the required service and or a method to keep the systems up and functioning. For example, human systems can fail due to sickness; and the sickness can be simple like a fever or complex like a heart attack. The immediate need in this situation is to visit a doctor and get treated. Treatments would help control the situation and get the body functioning again. An automobile can fail, which could be due to a simple failure like a flat tire. A backup option in this case would be a spare tire and some essential tools used to replace the tire. In some unavoidable conditions, an alternative method of transportation has to be used, for example, a bus or taxi. Electronic devices such as computer hardware are also prone to failures; these hardware come in many forms to comprise the entire enterprise configuration. Normally, protection against hardware failures is achieved by providing redundancy at all tiers of the configuration. This helps because when one component fails, the other will help continue operation.


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