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André Karpištšenko is Co-Founder and Research at Planet OS, a big data industrial internet platform for multi-sensor and machine data that brings together all of the available ocean and atmospheric data in one place. Through public and private programs, more than a million satellites, radars, and floating sensors are deployed in the oceans and in a variety of formats, conventions, and time scales. Planet OS finds the data sources, connects them, and cleans the data to enable access, analysis, and management of oceanic, geophysical, and atmospheric data via its cloud-based solution, yielding real-time insight in a variety of settings: government agencies, offshore and maritime industries, weather forecasting, remote sensing, unmanned vehicle operation, and oil and gas shipping. Building and maintaining this platform to connect, maintain, and make the data usable to a variety of industries poses significant challenges given the variety and size of data involved, the public/private ownership behind the data generating sensors, and the required streamlining of different standards, protocols, and data models.


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