Game Environment

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In this chapter, I will cover the game environment. I start off by covering the creation of sound on Android. I cover our custom Sound class and then modifications we will need to make to other class objects to integrate sounds into them. I then go through a hands-on example in which we play explosion sounds when two cubes collide with each other. I then cover how to create a heads-up display, or HUD. The new classes needed to implement the HUD are covered, followed by a case study in which a heads-up display is created for a game. Next, I cover saving and loading data and show how you can add code into your classes to save and load class data. Finally, I discuss a hands-on example in which we modify our case study to preserve the HUD item data and the orientation and physics state of the two cubes that are colliding with each other.


Class Object Sound Effect Game Environment Bitmap Image Public Void 
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