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Don’t Compete in a Market, Create It

  • Taylor Pierce


A lesson I have learned from the App Store is that apps in specialized markets can do very well. Specialty, or niche, apps are apps for very specific hobbies or types of people. The possibilities are endless: video games, sports, dogs, bird-watching, fishing, astronomy,and so on. Even though these hobby-targeted apps seem to appeal only to a small segment of the population, they can easily bring in six figures. Unfortunately, the success of niche apps is overshadowed by the more widely touted news of someone’s creating the next game sensation. Realistically, the odds are stacked against you in terms of creating the next viral game craze. Among the stories that generally go unpublished are those of apps in specialized categories that generate tons of long-term revenue and that have much less competition. I reached out to a fellow appreneur, Brass Monkeigh, when writing this book. His unique series of apps not only transformed the app market, but also literally created a new genre of apps. Brass Monkeigh shares his chronicle of how business acumen can be born of personal passions and interests:


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