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This bibliography includes not only works that are cited in the text, but also all the useful articles and books I found while researching. Many of them have self-explanatory titles clueing you in to what information lies within. The web pages are easily located by following the URL listed here, or by typing the title into a search engine in case the link has changed. The academic papers, while often dry, also usually contain the highest amount of useful information. If any of the academic titles stand out, I heartily recommend diving in, even though the formatting and the language used can be intimidating to newcomers. A pro-tip for quickly digesting academic papers is to read the abstract, browse any charts and tables and then read the conclusion. If your curiosity is piqued, then you can go back and read the rest. If not, you can skip over it and read the next one. Academic papers are most easily found by searching for the title using Google Scholar, which usually finds freely available versions of the papers for all to read.


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