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This chapter introduces you to OO-COBOL. This book adheres to the ANS 85 COBOL standard, so ISO 2002 OO-COBOL is somewhat outside its remit. The ANS 85 version of COBOL was designed to bring structured programming to COBOL, but failings in the way contained subprograms were implemented meant this version did not fully live up to its promise. However, the structured programming weaknesses of ANS 85 COBOL are remedied by OO-COBOL, and the chapter examines OO-COBOL from this perspective. In this chapter, you see how OO-COBOL can be used to create informational strength modules that fully realize Parnas’s idea of information hiding. I show you some OO-COBOL programs and introduce you to classes and methods, but the chapter does not delve deeply into topics such as inheritance, polymorphism, properties, and interfaces. In other words, do not expect a course in object-oriented programming.


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