The COBOL Report Writer

  • Michael Coughlan


This chapter introduces the COBOL Report Writer. In a series of increasingly complex programs, you learn how to use the Report Writer to create control-break-based report programs. By examining these programs, you are gradually introduced to the new verbs, clauses, sections and concepts of the Report Writer. You see how to use the RD entry in the REPORT SECTION to specify control-break items and define the basic layout of the page. The chapter explores report groups and how to create report groups linked to the control-break items specified in the report’s RD entry. You learn how to use the SUM clause for subtotaling and rolling forward. The final program introduces declaratives and how to use them to extend the capabilities of the Report Writer. Once you’ve seen the capabilities of the Report Writer through the example programs, the chapter explores the verbs, clauses, and concepts of the Report Writer more formally.


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