Customizing the Editor with Editor Classes

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In the previous chapter we created a 2D space-invaders style game with Unity. Although this game proved functional and “fit for purpose”, we nonetheless foresaw a range of problems or limitations that could arise when creating more complex 2D games- such as a top-down RPG game. These problems arise largely because we’re using a 3D engine and toolset to make 2D games. We were left with the following questions: How can I position game objects in the scene to align on the screen at specific pixel positions? How can I make textures pixel-perfect? How can I make them render as sharply and cleanly as they appear in Photoshop or GIMP? How can I create hundreds of sprites and tiles without increasing the draw count for each unique texture? Throughout this book we’ll answer all these questions. To get started at doing this however, we’ll need to explore Editor Classes. So let’s look at those here and see how they work.


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