Slipping the Surly Bonds

Cloud Architecture Practices
  • Marvin Waschke


Cloud implementation is not easy. The hype says moving implementations from the premises to a remote cloud is an instant cure for many IT ills. The hype is true, but only for some implementers. Frequently, the problem is a basic misunderstanding of the nature of cloud implementation. It is both a business pattern and a technology. Cloud computing opens up business possibilities and new combinations and scales of technology, but unless business and technology work together, the results will most likely be disappointing. In addition, cloud computing is best when it supports whole systems of services. A service can be implemented on a cloud independently, but usually the greatest benefits will not be realized until several services work in a synergistic cloud implementation. Strategic planning, as ITIL best practices advocate, promotes long-term cooperative strategizing, which can help guarantee cloud success.


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