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So far, we have taken a brief tour through the winding roads of sound and graphics. We started with canvas and explored the world of 2D and animations; from there we crossed into looking at the video and audio html elements and web audio API from which we used canvas for visualizing music by creating tools such as spectrograms. It was then back into graphics to dive head first into 3D worlds where we played with types of lighting and materials to learn how things affect one another. Chapter 5 seemingly dropped the graphics altogether (except from using SVGs of course) and focused purely on music, generating notes through JavaScript without requiring any plugins or audio files, just a browser that implements the web audio API. I would, however, like to focus a little bit more on audio files by extending from Chapter 3 (where we looked at the codecs that are used and introduced the web audio API) and creating that media player I keep mentioning.


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