An Introduction to Game Development

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Video games have become an important part of our culture in a relatively short period of time. The industry is also developing into a major pillar of many modern economies, with game development tax schemes being introduced into many developed countries. These are coinciding with a period of time where it has never been easier to release a game into the commercial market. For the last two decades, game development teams have required financial backing and a level of expertise to pass stringent tests by platform holders to be allowed access to their development hardware. Today, anyone with a mobile phone or a tablet and a computer, even a laptop, can build a game and have it for sale with a minimum of time and financial backing. This does not mean that every game is successful: it is still essential to have a good understanding of the technical aspects involved in making games and the considerations involved in designing games which people will want to play. Sometimes the best way to develop this knowledge is to begin at the very beginning, so we'll look at some video game history.


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