Building an Android IDE for Version 4.12 and Earlier: Acquiring, Installing, and Configuring an Android Development Environment

  • Wallace Jackson


This appendix matches up closely with  Chapter 1 of this book, in fact, it is the  Chapter 1 of this book that I wrote when the Android OS was at Version 4.1.2, and there was no ADT Bundle, and thus the Android development environment had to be built from scratch on the developer’s side of the equation. With the advent of Android 4.2, Google put everything together on their side and allowed developers simply to download one 400MB “ADT Bundle” that removed dozens of steps from the work process. These steps are contained in this appendix so that you can see what they are (were).

Reading through this appendix will give you some insight as to how the Eclipse IDE and Android SDK are tied together via the ADT Plug-Ins and Google Plug-In for Eclipse 4.2.


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