Introduction to Flash Extensibility

  • Keith Peters
  • Todd Yard


Welcome to Extending Flash MX 2004! This book combines a rich introduction and tutorial guide to all of the exciting new extensibility features of Macromedia Flash MX 2004, along with a comprehensive reference dictionary cataloging all of the associated extensibility technologies and language syntax. Our aim has been to make this book the best resource to Flash extensibility available—the book that you’ll keep on your desk and never exhaust—complete with the most in-depth coverage possible to enhance your understanding and plenty of practical examples to inspire your creativity.


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  1. The comprehensive reference section takes the form of a detailed syntax dictionary to the Flash JavaScript API. This comprises the last part of the book, and contains entries for every object, method, and property in these Flash languages. These printed entries encapsulate the essential reference material that you reach for all the time when you’re coding with the extensibility technologies: syntax, a detailed description of the element, information on when you might use it, usage examples, and so on.Google Scholar

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